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Mrs. Liana Stanciu
TVR2 România, Magic FM România

She is born in Bucharest, on 24th of July 1971. She suffers from dysphonia from childbirth which grants her a unique timbre that contributed to her celebrity.

She succeeded in the competition to start working at Radio Contact in 1991, and she has never stopped working since then.

She worked as a presenter for Radio Contact (for 12 years), Radio Star and she worked for Antena 1 and B1 Television Channels. In 1995 she started co-operation with Romanian National Television (TVR).

After experiencing work in various TV posts, in 2008 she came back to work for TVR.

As she confesses “I think that from professional point of view I took faculty classes in the radio because I did both in the same time… Radio is and will remain my greatest passion and it is great to earn money by doing what you are passionate about. Television came later in my life but the impact was tremendous. In short, in television I did almost everything…entertainment, movie shows, music charts, gala transmissions, shows, Eurovision, talk-show”.

At present, Liana Stanciu is the host of the show „Arts, books and caprices” held in TVR2 national channel, which is broadcasted weekly. The show is an urban cultural magazine which promotes and reflects the artistic and cultural life in Bucharest and in the country. The show is dynamic, various and interesting, with a strong informative content, with coverages and news from the cultural world, and subjects of debate with weekly guests, and most unexpected proposals to spend leisure time.

Together with Raul Brebu she hosts the morning show “Magic Start” at Magic FM Radio, which is one of the most listened radio programs in Romania.

Having a social strong positive impact image, Liana Stanciu is one of the most representative figures in mass media being involved in different humanitarian campaigns for children and promotion of their rights.

Mr. Alexandru Cumpănaşu
Realitatea TV

As Television director, he is involved in the life of the civil society and he is the director of the Association for Democracy Implementation in Romania, one of the most active non-governmental organizations in Romania.

After more than 12 years of activity out of which the most of them in the civil society, he is concerned for the approach of a coherent vision and goals of the civil society towards the state – the vision consists of having a responsible attitude of balanced critics, mixed with viable solutions to the problems identified.

Although he analyses some topics from critical perspectives, his approach is constructive, in view for all society parties to take responsibility for Romania’s problems, by promoting active involvement in coping and correcting them.

He participated in some studies and analyses over institutions’ efficiency, their transparency and modalities to support civil society involvement.

He wrote many papers in this regard within various projects having as objectives the development of public administration functioning, increase of social responsibility both at institutions’ level but also at civil society’s level, development of new leader generations a.s.o.

For the past 10 years he is a constant presence in different political talk-shows and news shows held by the most important TV and radio stations, conceiving complex analysis and goals regarding important national and international events.

At present, on weekly basis, he moderates the show „Ambassador Romania”, at Realitatea TV Channel, in which important people in Romania’s evolution, ambassadors in position in our country or other Romanian partners are invited and debate on actual problems regarding Romania’s strategies, European Union’s and Eastern Europe NATO’s evolution, the power games in the area of international relations and their consequences on Romanian citizens. Through the show „Ambassador Romania”, he intends to bring to public awareness the intentions and expectations of the actors playing on the external political scene.

Mrs. Carmen Avram
She is the journalist who has evolved during her 15-year professional career from an on-site reporter to a war correspondent and, onwards, to a management position, currently being the editorial director of În Premieră television show.

Carmen Avram is the only female journalist in Romania broadcasting from the four winds: Israel, Egypt or Japan. She is the only war correspondent. Despite being a woman, she has gained everybody’s admiration, from that of her journalism confrères to that of the European parliamentarians. Is it not odd for such a brave woman to be afraid of flights?

Carmen Avram comes from Vişeul de Jos in Maramureş, where customs are enshrined, people attend the Sunday morning liturgy and everybody knows everybody. That is why, I reckon, Maramureş is the only corner in the country where shame, in its good sense, has managed to survive so far. Her parents have taught her to walk tall, not to lie and to show consideration for the elders or grown-ups.

It is this kind of values that she came to Bucharest with and since then she has, as often as she is allowed to by the context, talked about the true values and the good education picked up from the people of Maramureş. When she gathered the best reporters and operators for În Premieră show, there were not a lot of people giving her any chances. Neither to rating nor to success. Being ambitious and perfectionist, CARMEN AVRAM has wanted and succeeded in proving to everybody, including to the competition, that nothing can stand in the way of those who love their job so much that they are even able to make sacrifices. The team of În Premieră show has carried away the garland of success. They have won awards. Nevertheless, it has only made them more and more ambitious.

În Premieră was awarded by the worldwide jury of the Association for International Broadcasting, category “The best journalistic investigation”, for the material called The Poisoned City;

În Premieră was nominalized for three categories at the final of Promax BDA Europe awards:
– “The best news promo or present-day documentary”;
– “The best promo in which no images from the programme were used”;
– “Something for nothing” (impact promos made on minimum resources);
– Special prizes of the jury for ”the best live coverage of an event” and for the material entitled ”One Leg in Hell”.
Prizes at the International Media Excellence Awards ceremony awarded by The Association for International Broadcasting for Îngeri în infern (Angels in Hell) investigation.

În Premieră was on the list of the Emmy Awards Nominees.

As for the rest, CARMEN AVRAM is too modest and never boasts about her acquired performances and prizes.
The promo of În Premieră show was on the list of nominees for Best News or current affairs promotion or campaign category.

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