The International Conference of Youth Justice took place in the Romanian capital of Bucharest, at the International Conference Centre in the Palace of Parliament.

This conference is the first large international event on youth justice that has been organised in Romania, bringing together over 30 experts, researchers, professionals, and authorities from more than 10 countries. It attracted over 600 participants in the 10 streamed panels and presentations, and had a wide following on social media.

Different topics were discussed, such as new visions of moving from a corrective to an educational model, and reflection and debate on whether juvenile justice is the last opportunity for young offenders.

In different parallel panels, aspects such as the design of new futures for juvenile justice, spaces as elements for change, and education as part of intervention programs for young people were analysed from an educational perspective.

Two researchers opened and closed the Conference with talks. They spoke to us about the mysterious workings of the adolescent brain, how the latest results of this research can make us rethink our interventions with young offenders, and finally how to approach paradigm shifts in changing environments.


Mrs. Alina Zamosteanu
CE Buzias
Mr. Daniel Barbu
CD Craiova
Mrs. Ana Nóbrega
Meridians International
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