Day 1 – 30th of September

Day 2 – 1st of October (main streaming)

Day 2 – 1st of October (parallel panels 2 and 4)

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Attend to the Conference where the present and future of youth justice in Europe will convene.

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Walking together, talking together

Young people in risk of social exclusion and young people who have committed a crime are one of the challenges that face all the public administrations and organizations which work in the youth sector in Europe. Those young people require, from the different entities and institutions with responsibility in the field, a specialised intervention, in a way that its work and intervention line would be more adequate to attend their realities and needs.

The motto “Let’s talk, let’s walk together” represents the spirit of the Conference, of its participants, the dialogue and the action in order to generate changes. Join us!

Our objetives

emprendedorGenerate a reflection space about the different European realities in youth justice material

quehacerAnalyse those practices and experiences that provide best results and offer better opportunities to young people

cambiosIdentify good practices, innovative ideas and new approaches on the preventive, corrective and educative intervention  processes 


Communicate the important changes that the Romanian administration is developing in the youth justice field

emprendedorDebate about the future scenarios about youth justice from the judicial and educative perspectives

mundoThis Conference offers an exceptional framework to debate and reflect on the problems of the young people

 with judicial measures in the national and European outlook: the different realities of the countries, legal frameworks, the changes that are taking place in Europe, the best practices and the innovative ideas will allow us to know, share and transfer knowledge and experience to build a more homogenous Europe at a legal and educational level.

Romania, the host country for this Conference, has evolve on these aspects, introducing changes in its legal framework in order to be more alike as the European, progressing towards a reinsertion model more educative, obtaining verifiable improvement and generating opportunities for the young people, which position it on top of this important debate and European reflexion.

To whom is this Conference address to?

To social actors and politicians with the responsibility in youth justice field

To organizations and institutions that work in the youth justice fields and with young people in risk of social exclusion

To professionals on the judicial and educative sectors who would like to share experiences

To experts, academics and researchers that develop their activity in the youth justice field or related knowledge areas

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Attend via streaming